• Baccalaureate diploma (or equivalent), in the original (or a certificate issued by the high school, in the original or as a legalized copy, for the candidates who passed the baccalaureate exam in 2016);

• Legalized copy of the birth certificate;

• Marriage certificate (if applies), in copy;

• Medical certificate;

• Copy of the ID card, to include the personal identification number;

• 3 ID-type photos;

• Legalized copy of the baccalaureate diploma, along with the certificate issued by the Faculty holding the baccalaureate diploma, in the original (for people on a double major)

• A file folder


• demand for the Letter of Acceptance, completed all entries in duplicate;

• school diploma or equivalent (certified copy and translation into a foreign language);

• transcripts (copies and translations into a foreign language) and syllabus, for candidates seeking equivalence study periods;

• birth certificate (copy and certified translation into a foreign language);

• copy of the passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date on which the letter of acceptance for studies was issued;

• medical certificate (translated into a foreign language) stating that the person that is ready to be enrolled in studies not suffer from contagious diseases or other illnesses incompatible with the future profession;

• a white file/envelope folder.


– Marketing Research

– Marketing of Services

– International Marketing

– Publicity and Sales Promotion

– Public Relations

– Consumer Behavior

– Marketing of Small Business

– Supply-Chain Logistics

– Brand Management

– Tourism Marketing

– Marketing Programmes

– Socio-political Marketing

– CyberMarketing

– Marketing Simulations

– Marketing Stategic

– B2B Marketing

– Marketing Management

– Direct Marketing


Professional Competences:

• Marketing concepts, methods, techniques and instruments adequate utilisation;

• Use of IT instruments and applications in marketing activities;

• Collection, analysis and interpretation of marketing information regarding the organization and its environment;

• Marketing mix substantiation and development;

• Communication specific instruments and sales techniques utilisation;

• Organizing marketing activities in the organization.

Transversal Competences:

• Applying principles, norms and values of proffesional ethics within own rigurous, efficient and responsible work strategy;

• Identifying the roles and responsabilities at the level of a plurispecialised team and applying relational and efficient work techniques within the team;

• Identifying continuos education opportunities and own development learning resources and techniques efficient capitalization

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• Between 1st of July and 30th September the running year, for the candidates holding baccalaureate diploma from the years prior to 2016 and for the candidates having graduated in 2016, passed the baccalaureate examination, based on the certificate issued by the high school that will include the final average and the individual grades and be valid until the baccalaureate diploma has been released.

• If you are a Romanian candidate the registration and admission take place at the main office of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, 46G Fabricii Street., District 6, Bucharest, Building B, 1st floor.

• If you are a foreign candidate contact Prof. Vasilescu Ruxandra at emails:


• The admission into the first year consists in the baccalaureate final average, the survey sheet and the interview with a member of the Admission Board with each candidate on the answers provided in the survey. The candidates must pass the English Language Test, which is mandatory.

• The survey sheet will be signed by the interviewer and validated by the Faculty Board.

• The admission results will be made known after the interview has been completed.


A bachelor degree diploma in the field of economics, issued by the Ministry of Education, will be awarded upon passing the graduation exam Undergraduate programme: Marketing FT (full time)

TUITION FEES FOR 20016-2017:

• Marketing FT (full time) – English studies: 220 €/month for 9 months; 1980 €/Year
• Admission registration fee: 50 €
• Legal status of the undergraduate programme Marketing FT (full time) – English studies: Under evaluation at ARACIS Bucharest. Our Faculty asked for a 3 years period of studies, 180 ECTS, 100 seats.

  • 1. Children of teachers, agricultural workers, retired or unemployed people, under parental care, are exempt from paying the registration fee;
  • 2. A large part of the Faculty academia are members of academies, professional organizations and associations of national and international prestige and they have been awarded for their research works;
  • 3. The undergraduate students can:

    • receive career conseling from field experts;

    • atend free qualification and training courses via European founds - POCU programmes won by the University;

    • carry out their practicum stages within the POCU programmes at the University lavel;

    • be members of the Faculty scientific clubs: Marketer - Activ Marketing SHU, SCEPSC – The Students Club of Economic, Philosophical and Sociological Creativity;

    • be awarded certificates of psycho-pedagogical and didactic training;

    • be awarded certificates of professional training at testing in EBCL and Xpert Personal Business Skils;

    • enroll in a variety of a post-graduate courses of professional training and continuing development, approved by the Ministry of Education;

    • watch educational and cultural shows on the SHU’s TV channel TVH;

    • listen to the educational and cultural shows on the SHU’s radio station Rad7o;

    • read the educational and cultural articles in the Opinia naþionalã weekly, a free SHU publication;

    • publish academia and scientific papers in the SHU economic journals: Annals of Spiru Haret University. Economics Series; Journal of Economic, Development, Environment and People.

The students benefit from certain rights and facilities, such as:

  • affordable tuituions fees payable in installments
  • printed courses published by the SHU printing and publishing house, maid avaible to the students in full-time bachelor at a 30% discount
  • access to: libraries, dormitories and a sport center, all in SHU property
  • participation in teaching, scientific, cultural, artistic and sport activities to take place at SHU
  • acces to courses'content on the Blackboard e-learning platform
  • availability to specific software
  • scientific advise, tutoring and similar from all academia
  • involvement in research programmes of the Department and Faculty
  • partipation, with personal papers, in conferences, workshops and others at the SHU’s economic faculty.

Sales, marketing and public relations specialists:

  • marketing and publicity specialists: art director in publicity, activity organizer in tourism, marketing specialist, product manager;
  • public relations specialists: mediator, specialist referent in marketing, ceremonial and protocol specialist, chamber consultant, spokesman, brand manager, protocol organizator, relations organizer, faires and exhibitions organizer, exibitions introducer, specialist in social relations, expert in foreign relations, diplomatic courier, specialist in car waranties, analist in client services, assistant manager, commercial correspondent, commercial asistant, lobby specialist, commercial referee;
  • specialists in sales of tehnical and medical products (except ICT): purchases analist, suppliers consultant, medical representative;
  • specialists in sales of ICT products.

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